Leadership and Management

  • HUMILITY is paramount. With it comes teachability, flexibility, and adaptability; all essential to every leader.
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT must be a priority. Your staff's capability is the organization's engine. 
  • PERSONNEL HEALTH is cultivated not monitored. Your staff's capacity is the organization's fuel.

Church Ministry

  • JESUS is our end game. Regardless of style or methodology, we should point the congregation towards Jesus.
  • SCRIPTURE is our guide. It is the compass of a church.
  • ACTION is our desired response. The church is called to worship, holiness, mission, and justice.


  • RELATIONSHIP over fundraising. Donors should be treated as people and partners, not just income.
  • GRATITUDE in communication. Showing appreciation to donors isn't just a nice thing, it's the right thing. 
  • PLAN, plan some more, and then execute. Organized strategic plans will lead to sustainable growth.


  • Look for ADAPTABLE TALENT. Gifted and flexible people can grow into many roles. They are invaluable. 
  • Look for LEARNERS. Teachable people will always improve and impress.
  • Look for INTEGRITY. People of high character will represent your organization in the manner it deserves.